These two years have gone by very quickly, but they have left a lot of experiences from the academic to the personal. After conducting my master’s thesis research, two nice things happened: I got offered a position in the company, but also the negotiation for a PhD was successful. 

All in all, this program is life-changing with all the ups-and-downs that may come, but is worth every second. That is why I felt very touched and excited to read that the program will continue, congrats to you and the team for that as well!
Juan Corredor

graduated in 2023, Colombia

Studying in three different universities, each with its own approach enriched my knowledge in a unique way. Thanks to the Europhotonics Master program I had an opportunity to learn and work in some of the leading research institutions in the field of photonics. The experience of doing master thesis in one of the Europhotonics institutions was so good that I continued with my PhD in the same topic and same research group. Complementary to achieving scientific milestones, it was a great pleasure to meet students from all parts of the world, study and live with them for two years.

Ivan Supic

graduated in 2014, Montenegro

I feel very privileged to have been part of the Europhotonics experience. Worth all the organisational efforts.
Niklas Gerdes

graduated in 2015, Germany

Europhotonics offers a great combination of prestigious institutions and scholars which all together cover almost every aspect of photonics. Whether you want to look at the stars or at the most fundamental aspects of light, Marseille, Karlsruhe, and Barcelona will have a scientist, a group, an industrial partner, and/or the facilities for you to study and research what you have always wanted—not before having shown you a bit of each. This is the top advantage I found from this Erasmus Mundus program from the professional aspect. Furthermore, the level of the institutions and the good reputation of the program means that a Master degree from Europhotonics will definitely boost your career and open up many doors to academia, industry, entrepreneurship, etc.

Carlos Rios Ocampo

graduated in 2013, Colombia

Europhotonics is not a common Master program. I believe Europhotonics shapes individuals into the true European scholar, as Erasmus from Rotterdam would have wrote: “in my opinion it is wiser to treat men and things as though we held this world the common fatherland of all”. This program exposes students to not only academic but also social life in up to 5 different european countries. The richness which derives from such a comparative lifestyle is huge. Students can learn the strengths and shortcomings of each country they visit. They learn also to create links, to become friends with everyone in the world, a key factor in scientific collaborations. Besides learning Photonics from experts in their fields and top-notch institutions, they are faced with challenges which no other student staying at their own university for their whole career faces. This enormously heightens their problem solving skills and opens their brain to curiosity and creativity. This Master has shaped me in so many different ways and to such deep extent, it will leave a constant trace in my future, within or outside of Photonics.
To the future students, what I suggest is not to be afraid of the new and scary places. Living in countries where you don’t understand the language and you are alone is terrifying, one can be caught up in the bureaucracy, but the organisers of the masters are always available and extremely helpful in solving any issue. I strongly advise you not to lock yourself up in your room and simply study all the time – you can do that from your country after all! Instead get out, study in groups, make friends, learn languages and cooking recipes, you’ll come out a wholesome and interesting person!

Chiara Decaroli

graduated in 2016, Italy

I’ve had a very special relationship with the Europhotonics programme. One that has been cemented by the kindness and painstaking efforts of the organizers to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that I made the most out of it. It has, without a doubt, been the most formative experiences of my life. For having taught me everything I know about optics, for setting the stage for a career in science and for showing me that the best experiences are outside of where you expect them to be. What this Master programme can give you is so much more than the title. While the title in itself is prestigious, given that you meet the who’s who in the field and learn from the Masters themselves, it also throws open the chance to meet people from all over the world and to hone your scientific skills in more places than one.
I found the best version of myself in the corridors of these institutions. Would I do it all over again? A resounding yes! Such opportunities don’t knock on your door twice.

Aditi Srinivasa Raja

graduated in 2015, India

You can think of Europhotonics as an illness, a disease. Once you are infected you will experience severe personal and professional development. Each new city you will study at will transform you. You will experience two years of intense personal and professional growth which will leave a life-long marks on you. It might include: open-mind, friendliness, self-confidence, independence, broad and deep understanding of photonics, experience in industry and academia, wide career choices and enterpreneurship skills. You will be one of us, roaming the planet Earth with a sign of Europhotonics clearly visible since the first ‘Hello’.

Justinas Pupeikis

graduated in 2015, Lithuania

Europhotonics-POESII changed my life. I experienced a severe improvement as a person and as a professional. I had the opportunity to interact with very skilled and talented people from all over the world. Every person I met, enlarged my mindset about reality, identity and diversity. This master gave me a broad perspective about how photonics is developing in Europe. We visited different countries, universities, research labs, even companies and we received lectures with very qualified professors. We developed personal and technical qualities to face the challenges of being a professional in a globalized world.
I am deeply grateful with all the administrative team behind this program and to the A*MIDEX foundation in France to support my master. You allowed my education. Merci beaucoup! Vielen Dank! Thank you! Gracias!
To the new people: This is a beautiful full-time and challenging experience which will be drawn with your own colors and personality. Do not forget to have good interactions with your colleagues, you will struggle together during the process and become closer together. Live your own experience, think in solutions instead of problems, keep improving, keep rolling. It is worth it.

Leidy Marcela Giraldo

graduated in 2016, Colombia

As a former Europhotonics Master Program student, first I would like to say that it is my fortune to participate Europhotonics Master Program. The Pro of this program is obvious: for young students who want to start their career in optics&photonics related field, this program can provide almost all you need (apposite courses, constructive trainings, various internships, social network in this community and etc.…). However, participating in this program is also a challenging journey. Culture shocks, homesickness, language barriers troubled me when I moved to a new destination. Some courses seem difficult when they are not so intimate to my previous educations. Those points can always be classified as “Cons”, but I would not say so now. I am appreciated for those experiences, they just like catalysis for the growing of a young man. In fact, people may have a lot of feelings after those two years’ journey, but I believe none of them would be “I have waste my two years’ valuable young time”. And for me, those are one of my best two years!

Qingfeng Li

graduated in 2015, China

Choosing Europhotonics as a master program has been one of the best academic decisions I have ever made. The program is tailored in a very careful way, combining an exigent program with the best academics in the field of photonics from Marseille, Karlsruhe and Barcelona, and an international setting in which you meet impressive students from all over the world. Such a combination of excellent science and multiculturalism would not be possible without the coordination of excellent professionals who strive to make this program better every year.
Europhotonics was, to me, a very human, welcoming and enlightening experience, which helped me shape my professional profile. The master gave me wings to pursue many of my personal dreams and gave me a great overview of what a researcher in the photonics community does. It made me become more recursive, more independent, and more collaborative in science. I would recommend any prospective student to engage in this master with their eyes closed: you are in great hands.

Juan Rafael Alvarez Velasquez

graduated in 2018, Colombia

Studying in an international master such as Europhotonics was one of most satisfactory decisions I ever made. After to overcome some economical difficulties during the master I say this experience is ultimately worth. Changing place every semester permitted me to develop a new skill to adapt my self in new environments and people.
Studying abroad with Europhotonics will change your perspective and will open you new doors in professional and academic life, I completely recommend this program for new applicants expecting for a brilliant future. EUROPHOTONICS lights your way.

Luis Adrian Perez-Covarrubias

graduated in 2018, Mexico

I am grateful to the European agency and the Europhotonics consortium for giving me a chance to be a part of this wonderful program. The two years of Europhotonics have been an enriching experience both personally and professionally. I had a chance to meet amazing people from all over the world, made some really good friends and created memories to cherish for life! The enticing opportunity to study in two different countries gave me an exposure to the different work cultures and also a perspective on developments in the field of photonics. Multi-Directional coursework gave a flavour of various different branches of photonics with the possibility of seeking career options in both academia and industry.
To the prospective students, I wish all the very best. I won’t say this master is going to be easy, but after two years of a bumpy ride, I can most certainly say Europhotonics was worth all the effort!

Jaismeen Kaur

graduated in 2019, India

Some common features of Europhotonics-POESII program that everyone would mention are outstanding learning opportunity, diversity, networking, individual growth and so on. To me it’s an unique platform which helps widen your vision, broadens your heart, encourages you to be more cosmopolitan and tolerant to the cultural differences, and most importantly cajole you to dream for greater beyond your limitations. If you are agile, amiable, and inquisitive you may discover opportunities you have never imagined of. I wish every success for this program and its participants, which has significantly revitalized my life today.

Md Shofiqul Islam Khan

graduated in 2016, Bangladesh

I think every Europhotonics edition is very different and every student has a very individual story and place of this program in his/her life. For me this master was one of the most hard, challenging and changing experiences in my life, full of its ups and downs. And if I could go back in time and make the decision about participating in the master once again I would repeat it. Living in several cities, all having their own strong individualities, in several different countries with different education approaches, being part of an international group with students originating from diverse cultures – this all helps (or sometimes forces) you to discover a lot about the World, people and about yourself.
The program also gives you all the possibilities to gain a strong background in order to proceed your career in any direction of the Photonics science you prefer.

Diana Davydovkaya

graduated in 2015, Russia

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the European Agency and to the coordinator for having been selected for such an amazing Master’s programme! Thanks to it I had the opportunity to grow character-wise and skill-wise. Although the main attention was drawn to our curriculum duties, we also have gained a lot in terms of intercultural, multinational relations amongst us. Such an experience has the power to change personality once and for ever. Besides, with such a great financial support we could study, travel and live without any interruption and/or constraint. I remember myself applying for the programme – with above average English, good grades but without practical skills, basically without any external financial support from my family. Though they couldn’t help me much with money, since we live in a small village in Ukraine, and we are just an ordinary family. With this little start position I’d estimated my chances quite low to get into. However, the miracle happend! At that time it was really a marvel, I couldn’t believe the words I was reading from the email from the coordinator. Three years have passed, and I managed to finish the Europhotonics programme with good scores. We even published a video based on the results of my master’s thesis in the first scientific video-journal JOvE. Now we develop a nonlinear endoscope in Institut Fresnel. If somebody had told me all of this three years ago, I would have never ever believed a word of his! Miracles happen! We just have to work a bit to help them become true.

Vasyl Mytskaniuk

graduated in 2015, Ukraine

It is my great pleasure to write few words on Europhotonics program and team. Perhaps, I can’t thank enough for accepting me in their organization, offering the fellowship and allowing to educate myself under their state-of-the-art facilities. Specially, I am grateful for providing a strong background of optics that facilitated the working process in every aspect of my career so far. In addition, it was a lifetime learning experience of different culture, language, food, and academic training that I will cherish for rest of my life. Finally, my deepest gratitude goes to Nadège, Sophie, Hugues from Marseille, and Uli, Miriam from Karlsruhe for their warm welcome, friendly gestures and continuous support to settle in so easily in Europe. I wish all the best to whole team to keep enlightening us with next-generation technologies of optics and photonics!

Radwanul Siddique

graduated in 2012, Bangladesh

I firstly thank the coordinators for selecting me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program. Sharing an international classroom was exciting. The possibility of studying in two countries gave me an insight into the work culture of both and offered me the chance to imbibe the best of both. I am very happy for making it through these two years of hardship. I came into this program with an open mind with no personal inclination towards any specialization and this helped me to look at the bright side of everything. The coursework offers various directions in which the student can seek a career be it in industry or academia. I wish the future prospective students the very best. Trust me when I say this, if you are ready to give in your best the program gives it back to you.

Siddarth Shivkumar

graduated in 2018, India

I am very honored to have been part of a great master program like Europhotonics POESII and very thankful with the coordinators for the great effort they put every day to make this program better. Without them this would not be possible.
I believe that this program has a very interesting and rich content on optics and photonics. It is so well structured such that each institute that forms part of the consortium, since it is an Erasmus Mundus+ program, complements it perfectly. The professors are experts on their fields and willing to transmit their knowledge. From the classes you can see how passionate they are about their topics. This program gave me the opportunity to not just enrich myself with knowledge but also culturally. I got to know new people from all over the world and created amazing friendships and unforgettable memories. This program is so great because it opens many opportunities for collaborations, internships, master thesis and PhD.
Sometimes it can be very difficult academically and personally but being positive and specially working hard will make things work fine. Just remember that these moments are the ones that make you grow stronger personally and professionally. I believe that once in a while we have to get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. I would like to invite you to challenge yourself and live this great experience. You won’t regret it.

Tania Vergara Gomez

graduated in 2018, Mexico

Europhotonics is a life-changing experience. If you like challenges of all kinds (e.g., culture-shock or multicultural communication problems), steep learning curves, happen to suffer from wanderlust and would like to go through this hilly and, sometimes, uncertain trail alongside a group of very smart people, then this is the program for you. The road is plagued with setbacks as well as accomplishments, friendship, and farewells, self-affirmation and doubt, and of course! Lots and lots of languages. In a nutshell, it is not perfect and it might never be as it has a complex structure, however, and while there’s the will to strive for improvement, Europhotonics is a very enriching experience in all senses. Personally, it did not only opened many doors professionally but also opened my mind and changed my worldview fundamentally.

David Ricardo Sánchez Jácome

graduated in 2019, Ecuador

On a personal level, I regard Erasmus Mundus Europhotonics-POESII as ‘not any ordinary master program’ but an elite collaboration of excellence and interdisciplinary research institutes that provided a perfect setup to hone my skills and improve my understanding of the subjects pertaining to Optics & Photonics. Besides, with the fertile ground of cross-cultural intellectuals and under the guidance of one of the best teachers and mentors in the given field, this program presented a great source to gain new insights from new approaches around. Europhotonics-POESII master is a result of tenacious efforts of supportive and kind organizers who are readily available to students in the time of need. I heartily thank all the members of the organizing committee for immense help with academic as well as administrative issues at several instances. Last but not the least, I express my sincere gratitude to European taxpayers for funding my two years of learning expedition.
To the prospective students, I would say that though it is a bumpy ride, nonetheless, this rigorous program will induce pivotal attributes such as meticulous thinking, a knack to see problems from various angles, and numerous soft skills that are imperative for a swift transition to academia as well as industry.

Alok Pandey

graduated in 2017

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