Europhotonics students will have opportunities to find jobs, contrats, PhD positions, permanent positions in industries and in research laboratories.

Connection with future jobs is ensured by following three key directions:

  • Tight relation between teaching and careers : the program brings together photonics educational institutions which maintain solid relationships with international laboratories and industrial network.
  • Access to identified emerging fields making the 21st century future advances in Photonics : imaging, quantum optics/nanophotonics, photonic materials and devices.
  • Close relation with the major actors in Photonics at the European level : societies, networking platforms. The members of the consortium promote each year photonics in training and research at the international level.

Strong industrial relationships exist with companies whose activities are connected to the field of Photonics.

Below is a survey conducted on the first 5 intakes (sample of around 90 students)

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