Mobility rules

Mobility is submitted to some rules defined by the European Agency and by the EuroPhotonics Consortium, which restrict the number of places at each partner institutions.

  • Students must spend their study periods (30 ECTS courses minimum each) in at least two of the EuroPhotonics Consortium European Universities (Marseille, Karlsruhe, Barcelona, Tampere, Vilnius). Therefore, all the students must spend at least one courses term  in a University of the Consortium other than Aix-Marseille.
  • At least two of the countries visited during the Master must be different from the country in which the student has obtained his/her last University degree.
  • For Semester 2, for each intake, there should be an equivalent number of students in Marseille and Karlsruhe, plus or minus one.
  • Semester 3 can be performed at either Aix-Marseille, Barcelona, Karlsruhe, Tampere or Vilnius, depending on the number of seats defined by each partner, apart from AMU TIGER scholarship holders
  • AMU TIGER scholarship holders are restricted to the following mobility:
                            Marseille – Karlsruhe – Marseille.
  • Semester 4 (Master Thesis) should preferentially be done in one of the EuroPhotonics Consortium Universities. The subject of the Master Thesis must be approved by the board of Europhotonics.

Mobility Selection

If the number of students willing to spend their Semester at a given University of the Consortium exceeds the number of available places, a selection will be done. Everything will be done in order to meet as much as possible the students’ expectations. However, respecting the mobility rules is mandatory.

The mobility selection is done after the students have entered the program and depends on:

  • the students wishes,
  • their ranking based on their grades received during Semester 1,
  • the wishes of the other students of the intake,
  • the number of open seats at each EuroPhotonics Consortium European Universities,
  • the mobility rules.
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