All the students must register at Aix-Marseille University for the entire duration of the Master program.

Meanwhile, the student must also register at the European University of the Consortium for each term he/she spends there, depending on the student’s mobility scheme.

For Semester 4, for the Master thesis, the student must register:

  • in the European University of the Consortium if the Master Thesis is carried out at this university,
  • or in the European University of the Consortium where the student has registered during Semester 3 if the Master Thesis is not carried out at one of the European Universities of the Consortium.

At Karlsruhe, the student is entitled to get diploma only if he/she has been registered during the two years of the Master. This applies especially to students, who take only some courses and studies there during their Semester 2.


EMJMD scholarship holders students do not have to pay for tuition and registration fees themselves. All these fees will be directly covered by the participation costs provided by the European Agency.

Self-funded students do have to pay for tuition and registration fees. The amounts of these fees depend on the Universities of the Consortium and therefore on the mobility path that each self-funded student will follow.

Below are some approximative fees for the 2020-2021 year:


  • Registration fees: 92 € (CVEC) + 243 € (registration) /academic year
  • Tuition fees: none


  • Registration fees: 153.69 €/semester
  • Tuition fees: All non-EU students have to pay a tuition fee of 1500€ per semester.

    A tuition fee-waiver is awarded to students coming to KIT under cooperation programs with partner universities (Erasmus Mundus, ERASMUS+, double-degree students, EUCOR, direct exchange partnerships, state programs for students exchange) unless the student is studying in master’s degree for a second time.


  • Registration + tuition fees: 1.383€/semester (30ECTS) for Programme country students, 2.075€/semester for Partner country students.


  • Registration fees: 100 €/academic year
  • Tuition fees: All the EuroPhotonics students are awarded a tuition fee-waiver scholarship at Tampere University. The same decision applies to all (programme and partner country) students as long as they are selected as EuroPhotonics students.

Vilnius (to be confirmed)

  • Registration fees: none
  • Tuition fees: 2.250€/semester for Programme country students and for Partner country students

Check the Erasmus+ Programme Guide website for a definition of Programme and Partner country students.





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