Admission selection & KEY dates

Admission Selection

The selection criteria, which aims at recruiting top level candidates, will be based on the results obtained in the previous academic education of the applicant, the academic background, the CV, the quality of the university of origin and the motivation and recommendation letters.

Only candidates with a good English level will be considered.

All the applications are evaluated by two evaluators of two different Universities on the basis of the documents uploaded by the applicants. The admission of candidates from Programme and Partner countries will take place according to the rules imposed by the European commission.

Based on the evaluators’ assessments and the rules imposed by the European commission, the selection committee composed by at least a representative of each Partner of the Europhotonics Consortium defines a ranking list.

This list is divided into three sets:

  • the Main List : best ranked successful applicants who are offered to join the program with an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship.
  • the Reserve List: successful applicants who are offered to join the program without scholarships. Time is left for applicants in the Reserve List to decide to join as self-financed students, or to benefit for potential drop-out from Main List applicants.
  • the Non-Selected List: those students cannot join the program.

The students of the Main list and of the Reserve list will be contacted by email after the selection board’s decision.

key dates

Nov 15 – February 15                               Call for application

February 15                                              Application deadline

February 15  – April 15                             Evaluation process

from April 15                                            Applicants are notified of the outcome of their application by email.

June 1                                                       Deadline for “self-financed” students

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