M1 PROGRAM (1st year)

Semester 1 – Fundamentals in Optics and Photonics – 30 ECTS

September – February/March

Semester 1 aims at giving the students knowledge in the fundamentals of Photonics together with practical skills through lab classes.

An important part is dedicated to a personal project during which the students will work in close relationship with research laboratories. This project will stimulate the personal abilities of the students for handling a middle term research project.

The particular context of several existing top level research laboratories at Aix-Marseille University in the different fields of Photonics will give the students unique opportunities to develop their personal scientific kills and to clarify their motivation.

S1 – Marseille (detailed program here)

Fundamentals in Optics

Physics for Photonics – Part I

Light Emission & Laser Sources

Imaging & Systems in Optics

Optics & Photonics Labs

Numerical simulation of EM problems

Maths for Photonics

Optical Engineering

French Language & Culture

Semester 2 – Core subjects – 30 ECTS

March/April – September
Marseille or Karlsruhe

Semester 2 is dedicated to some fundamentals in Photonics with some specific courses.

The students eitherĀ  stay in Marseille or go to Karslruhe (restricted to conditions depending on the places available in each institution).

An internship (duration: 2 to 4 months) is done in an industry or in a research laboratory at the end of the 2nd semester.

S2 – Marseille (detailed program here)

Physics for Photonics – Part II

Nonlinear Optics

Photon Spectroscopy

Guided Optics – OptoElectronic Components

Fabrication & Characterization of OptoElectronic Devices

Basic Molecular Cell Biology

Lab Courses

Initiation to Research Activities

Signal & Image Analysis

French Language & Culture


S2 – Karlsruhe (detailed program here)

Theoretical Optics

Nonlinear Optics

Spectroscopic Methods

OptoElectronics Components

Fabrication & Characterization of OptoElectronic Devices

Basic Molecular Cell Biology

Lab Courses

German Language & Culture


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