self-funded students

The possibility to join the program as self-funded students (without scholarship) will be offered to the students of the Reserve List.

Self-funded students participate for free to all the initiatives of the Consortium (spring school, welcome days, visits of labs/companies…) as the other students. They are entitled to the same mobility rules as the other students.

Self-funded students will be assisted by the staff in their administrative and practical issues (visa, housing, registrations, insurances…) as the scholarship holders.

Self-funded students are entitled to pay only for the Registration and Tuition fees.

Some grants might be available during the program.

  • Erasmus+ Mobility

Possible for Semester 2, 3 or 4 of the program depending on your mobility path.
Depends on the cost of living in the country you will study.

  • Internship / Master thesis allowance

Work placement might be paid. Check with your internship/master thesis supervisor for the possibilities.

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