Tuition, Registration and Living costs

Participation costs:

The amount of participation costs (including tuition fees, registration fees, costs for running the program, insurances…) is 9.000€/year for Partner country students and 4.500€/year for Programme country students. However, part of these costs are covered by the consortium and students do not have to pay for the total amount of these costs.
EMJMD scholarship holders
Participation costs are free for all EMJMD scholarship holders (Partner country and Programme country students).
– Non scholarship holders (self funded students)
Non scholarship holders only have to pay for tuition fees and for registration fees. The amounts of these fees depend on the Universities of the consortium (see below).

Registration-Tuition fees (to be paid by non scholarship holders):

– Marseille
Registration fees: 330€/year
Tuition fees: there are no tuition fees to be paid in Marseille
– Karlsruhe
Registration fees: 153€/semester
Tuition fees: there are no tuition fees to be paid in Karsruhe
– Barcelona
Registration fees+tuition fees: 1.600€/semester for Programme country students, 2.250€/semester for Partner country students.
– Tampere (to be confrmed)
Registration fees: 100€/semester
Tuition fees: free for Programme country students, 1.500€/semester for Partner country students
Vilnius (to be confrmed)
Registration fees: there are no registration fees to be paid in Vilnius
Tuition fees: 2.250€/semester for Programme country students and for Partner country students

See definition of Partner country students on Countries
See definition of Programme country students on Countries

Living expenses (typical):

  • Housing
    • student room : 250 €/month
    • studio : 350-500 €/month
  • Food : ~ 350 €/month
  • Other expenses : ~ 100-200 €/month