Tuition, Registration and Living costs

Tuition fees and registration fees:

The amount of the tuition fees is around 10.000€/year. However the tuition fees are paid by the program for all the selected students (sholarship holders and self-funded students). In other words, there are no tuition fees to be paid by the students who participate to the Europhotonics-POESII master program.

Registration fees:

  • for the EMJMD scholarship holders: they are free.
  • for the consortium scholarship holders and for the self-financed students, they are around 500 euros/year in Marseille, 800 euros/semester in Karlsruhe and around 2000 euros/semester in Barcelona. The students who spend two semesters in two different universities during the same academic year have to pay the registration fees in each university where they have spent the semesters. For example a student who spend the 1st semester in Marseille, the 2nd in Karlsruhe will pay, for the 1st year, around: 500+800=1300€. The registration fees at Aix-Marseille Marseille University have to be paid by all students, for the 1st year and also for the 2nd year, no matter their mobility scheme.

Living expenses (typical):

  • Housing
    • student room : 250 €/month
    • studio : 350-500 €/month
  • Food : ~ 350 €/month
  • Other expenses : ~ 100-200 €/month