Self-funded students

Students can apply for a scholarship (see here). The scholarships will be given to the students chosen after a selection procedure. A ranking of the students (Main, Reserve and Rejected lists) will be made after the selection procedure.
The possibility to join the program as self-funded students (without scholarship) will be offered to the students of the Reserve list.

Students can also apply directly in order to join the program as self-funded students. The selection of the self-funded candidates is based on the marks obtained in the previous academic education of the student, on the CV, on the program of this academic education, on the quality of the university of origin and on the motivation and recommendation letters.

Self funded students participate for free to all the initiatives of the consortium (spring school, welcome days, visits of labs/companies…) as the other students.

Self funded students will be assisted by the staff in their administrative and practical issues (visa, housing, registrations, insurances…) as the scholarship holders.

Self funded students will benefit from outgoing scholarships and can apply for Erasmus+ mobility scholarships. For more details see the Scholarships section.

Tuition fees: there are no tuition fees to be paid by the students (no matter if they are scholarship holders or self-financed students) who participate to the Europhotonics-POESII master program. See the section devoted to the Tuition, Registration and Living costs here.

In order to apply as self funded students (without applying for a scholarship), candidates must contact directly.