FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the lists of Programme and Partner countries ?
See here and here


I do not have a passport, can I use another ID number in my application form ?

Can a student who will graduate in June of the coming year, apply ?
Yes, of course. We know that most students who apply are currently enrolled for their last year or session of a BSc or BEng program or equivalent. In this case the diploma will be asked after selection.


Is there any minimum score required for the TOEFL or IETLS tests ?

A good level in English is required in order to be sure that the students will be able to follow the lectures. For those who do not have a TOEFL or IELTS, a proof of their English level (for example an attestation of professors of English language) can be sufficient.


I will receive my TOEFL or IETLS certificate only after the deadline of application, what should I do ?

Please upload a text document in the optional documents section explaining the reason for which the English score is missing in your application : if you are selected this score will be asked to you after the deadline of application.


If I have been enrolled in an English teaching program before, do I still have to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate ?
No. In that case, a certificate from the institution were you have taken the English teaching program or any other proof of English teaching program will be sufficient.


If I am a Partner country candidate, why do I need to provide a proof of residency ?
Because the contribution given for travel costs depends on the distance between your city of residence and Marseille.


If I am a Partner country candidate, why do I need to provide a signed letter mentioning that I am not resident nor have carried out studies or training work for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in any Programme Country ?
Because if it's not the case you will belong to the Programme country candidates category. The letter has to be written and signed by yourself.


I do not have a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, but have followed courses in English. Do I meet the language requirements ?
Proving your English level is possible in several ways, not only by TOEFL or IELTS test certificates.

  • If you have followed a bachelor's or master's programme at a University or Higher Education Institute (HEI) in your country and the language of all the courses has been English for at least 10 months of the program, then you can submit a certificate from your University or HEI stating this fact (English proficiency certificate). If you can add a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, this can add value to your application.
  • If you have followed a program where the language of education was not English, but you have followed English Language courses as part of your curriculum or in a private or other institute, then this does not correspond to the criteria. You will need to pass a TOEFL or IELTS test.
  • If you have not followed higher education in English but have for example several years of working experience in an English language environment, then this does unfortunately not meet the criteria. You will need to take a TOEFL or IELTS test.

There are two categories of scholarships: those funded by the European Agency (Erasmus+ grants) and those funded by the consortium. What will be the selection criterion for the award of each type of scholarship ?
The ranking after the selection process and the budget will determine the kind of grant the selected students will receive.


Each time you send us an email, please recall your username
Your username is the one that you use to connect to the application.
You can also recall your User ID (it is a number that was sent in the first email received when you registered).


I have technical problems. What should I do ?

  • First of all, read the instructions that are given on the screen, if there are.
  • If things do not behave as they should, restart your computer.
  • Check that javascript is activated on your browser.
  • If the problem persists, send us a report of your problem, telling us the URL (http://www.europhotonics.org/...) of the page that you are looking at, the actions that you try to do, and all the details that can help us to understand the difficulties that you get. Send us also the Operating System that you use, which browser you use and its version, if javascript is activated, what is your cookies configuration.

I have not received my password. What should I do ?
1) First of all, subscribe to our online application using an email address that do not use any filtering system (such as boxbe, ...). Indeed, most of the emails will be automatically sent to you by our application, and if your messaging system rejects these emails, we have no way to send them again.
2) Check in the spambox of your webmail account, perhaps the email containing your password is there.
3) Then, if you use an email client (like Outlook, Thunderbird,...), check in the spambox of your email client, perhaps the email is there.
4) Then, go to one of the page: http://www.europhotonics.org/emundus/ , click on "login", then click on "Forgot your Password?".
You will obtain a procedure to retrieve your password.

I made a mistake and I would like to modify the information that I have already given. What should I do ?
You should be able to change almost everything in the application documents. You can upload revised versions of the files that you have already uploaded. You can change them even if you have already completed your application. You can also delete previously submitted files. You can use the "Other optional document" to send extra information. Screenshot example. But you will probably not be allowed to act on the recommendation letters sent directly by your referents.

Once you have completed your application you cannot change your "Forms". If there is something wrong, you can

  • Go to the "Checklist" tab, then submit a new attachment in the "Other optional document" section. In "Description", explain in less than 20 words the purpose of this new upload (for instance: "erratum concerning Personal details"), and then upload a file with the useful details.
  • Ask us to change minor things (be clear in telling us what should be suppressed and what should be added)
  • Ask us to put your application back in the "incomplete" status. You should then be able to make the corrections by yourself. And do not forget to validate your application again before the application deadline.

Problems with reference letters
Main instructions are given in your online application, Application Forms menu,  References section, top of the page (here is a screen copy).

In addition, here is a screen copy of the checklist page, showing you how you can check if your referees have sent their letters, and how you can upload letters by yourself if you got them from your referee.

Your referees should receive the recommendation request by email as soon as you have filled and closed the "References" form page. If they do not receive the email, it can be due to

  • you have given a wrong email address for your referee.
  • the email has been filtered by your referee's email system. Tell your referee to check their email spam boxes.
  • the email has been rejected by your referee's email system (it can be due to a greylisting system, to the use of email protections such as boxbe, ...).

As long as your application is in the incomplete status (not yet validated), you can send the request again:

  • Go to Application form > References
  • Check that the emails that you have given for your referees are valid (try to send yourself an email to these addresses and check that it is delivered). Many emails that we send to the referees get returned due to non-existent email address. We cannot deal with this problem.
  • At the end of the page, click on "Save & Continue". That should send again an email to the referees who have not already replied.
  • After everything in your application is updated, and after your referees have received their email requests, submit your application again using the Checklist menu / Send your application.

If your application is in the complete status (already validated), you can ask us to put it back in the incomplete status. Do not forgot to validate your application again before the application deadline.

Also consider the possibility to directly ask your reference letters to your referees, and upload them by yourself.

If you are unsuccessfull with the previous way of submitting the reference letters, ask your referees to email their recommendation letter directly to us (see the contact page). It is essential that they give in their email: your name, and the  exact email address that you have used for your application.

How can I check that my application is all right ?
Only the applications that are validated at the online applications deadline will be examined.

In order to check that your application is validated, connect to your online application. You should get at the top of the page the "Status of your actual application" ending with "Application sent".

If you are unable to provide one of the asked documents, please upload instead of it a document explaining the reason.
If you obtain this document after the application deadline, send us the document as soon as you get it.

Do I need to send printed documents?
Please do not send any printed documents, the application is online only.
The originals printed documents will be asked after selection.

I am unable to send files using my e-mail account. What should I do ?
You can use the services of http://www.rapidshare.de or http://www.mediafire.com . Do not forget to send us the link that will enable us to get the file.

I want to convert my files in a different format (PDF for instance). How can I do ?
You can use the online services of Zamzar, ConvertFiles,...

I have no scanner
To transform your printed documents in numeric format, take a picture with a digital camera. Check that the resulting quality is sufficient.