Associated Partners

University of Rochester (USA)

University of Gondar (ETHIOPIA)

University of Shanghai Jiao Tong (CHINA)

University of Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (MEXICO)

T.I.M.E. Association

The T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe) Association was founded by Ecole Centrale Paris (today CentraleSupélec) in 1989. All T.I.M.E. members are leading Technical Universities or Engineering Schools  in their own country. they all have a strong international dimension in their research, teaching and industrial relations and they are all committed to international cooperation, student exchanges and recognition of studies abroad.
The T.I.M.E. Association currently consists of 56 members in 21 countries.

Other partners

“Ecole Centrale de Marseille (ECM)"

ECM is strongly involved in the Europhotonics Master and Doctorate Programs. Some courses, lab work, lessons of French culture, lab projects are organized by professors and researchers of ECM. These classes take place at ECM which is located in the Technopôle de Château Gombert, in the vicinity of the Campus of St Jérôme.
ECM is a French prestigious and highly selective "Grande Ecole" of engineers. The qualification given to a graduate engineer of ECM, corresponds to a very high level of training and includes the acquisition of a large number of varied skills.
The main characteristics of an engineer graduated from Ecole Centrale de Marseille are:
- Wide knowledge of numerous scientific and technical disciplines that guarantees his or her adaptability to rapidly changing technologies,
- Trained scientific mind and a rigorous way of thinking,
- Solid cultural and intellectual background,
- Comfortable grasp of economics and social sciences,
- Personal experience of industry, thanks to internships related in industry and school activities,
- Experience of working in a team on a project, especially through research activities,
- International open mindedness and a marked interest in current affairs in general,
- High management potential.

The number of years of study required to obtain the "diplôme d'ingénieur" is five years after the Baccalaureate examinations. The degree course is divided into two parts, of two and three years respectively, each of which has its own rigorous selection procedures.
Ecole Centrale-trained alumni, known as "Centraliens", go on to become leaders, with a sound background in science and technology, with a facility for integrating and assimilating complex information, for creativity and innovation. Centraliens have a strong entrepreneurial streak, and a strong sense of ethics and awareness of their responsibilities; they work with dynamism and passion, and know how to explain, to communicate, to motivate and to lead.
To achieve this, Centrale Marseille delivers a course that combines high level scientific education, firmly rooted in the worlds of industry and research, enriched with a strongly international culture, with training in management, designed to develop and valorize the social and human aspects that are professional requirements for today’s engineer-manager. The school can count on the support of some 200 visiting lecturers, many of them from industry, and a permanent academic staff of 120 researchers who work in the dozen or so laboratories with which Centrale Marseille is associated. The interaction of these three aspects generates a real teaching – research – industry dynamic.
Ecole Centrale de Marseille contributes fully to the dynamic that drives the Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, which includes the five Ecoles Centrale at Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Paris. Centrale Marseille students have the opportunity to take their third year in one or other of the Ecole Centrale, or in one of our partner universities abroad, either on a double degree or a credit exchange basis. Centraliens students thus have the opportunity to study for a double degree at top universities in Europe and elsewhere (including China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, USA).

“Pôle Optique et Photonique” POPsud

The organization “Pôle Optique et Photonique” POPsud is implemented through an associated partnership in the EUROPHOTONICS program. POPsud, an association funded in 2000 at the initiative of industry and research in the south of France, is today a professional community with more than 175 members, involved in industrial development, research and education in optics, photonics and image processing. POPsud is responsible for the governance of the OPTITEC cluster on « Optical and imaging complex systems », based on leading edge research and a dynamic industry in major industrial sectors. This cluster (more than 55 joint R&D accredited projects) is a key player in building bridges between academic research teams and industry. POPSud provides support for the development of partnerships and joint R&D projects, support for SMEs in projects accreditation and financing, services and counselling. The project of this cluster is to build a European center for innovation in optical and imaging complex systems. POPsud will bring the following competencies to the consortium :

  • quality monitoring : providing contact of external participants in the external quality committee
  • support in funding seeking for additional fellowships, educational aids,
  • promotion support in Europe
  • industrial and research networking at the European level (contacting support for students visits organization, career exploratory issues, ..)
  • advising in teaching of transferable skills such as management, quality, intellectual property, security, business practices
  • organization of events related to Photonics research and technology